The Division Movie Jessica Chastain
Artwork from The Division and Jessica Chastain in thriller Zero Dark Thirty. Columbia Pictures

Zero Dark Thirty and Interstellar actor Jessica Chastain is in talks to join Jake Gyllenhaal in Ubisoft Motion Pictures' big-screen adaptation of its hit open world shooter Tom Clancy's The Division, reports suggest.

The French gaming giant is currently putting together the framework for a movie it can pitch to major Hollywood studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Assassin's Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender, set for release at the end of the year, was pitched to 20<sup>th Century Fox and Regency in the same way.

Gyllenhaal is on board in a producing capacity, alongside Ubisoft's Gerard Guillemot.

The Division was a huge success earlier this year when it was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game tells the story of a sleeper cell of operatives – called The Division – who fight to claim New York City back from criminals and opportunists in the wake of a devastating viral attack on the US that brought down the government.

Given The Division is light (we're being generous here) on good – or even memorable – characters, it's likely the film will create its own. The Assassin's Creed movie is taking the same approach, using the game as inspiration rather than adapting it wholesale.

As well as the Creed film, Ubisoft is also planning a movie based on the Splinter Cell series with Tom Hardy set to star. Paramount is the studio leading that project.

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