Multiple UFOs Spotted in Las Vegas
Multiple UFOs Spotted in Las Vegas Image Credit: Tetrahedron777

Video footage from Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, compiled by a London based UFO enthusiast may be a revelation of an unusual phenomenon. In the videos shot from different perspectives and on different dates, one can see what looks like hundreds of UFOs hovering over the skies above the casino. The UFOs seem to be hovering around the same place but never once landing.

"It was such a convincing collection and in such a busy part of the world, I thought if these were real how come there were not more of them," an email sent to Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily by Jamie Marfleet, the UFO enthusiast and music producer read.

Marfleet's compilation consists of sighting videos shot between the years 2009 and 2013 with the latest sighting being in June this year. Though there are theories which say that the UFOs are perhaps birds feeding on moths, Marfeet is not convinced.

"I came across an article about these UFO videos and a statement from the Luxor stating they were bird's feeding on moth's, I found this quite amusing as it was obvious there is no indication of wing's flapping and their flight patterns were so un bird like," the email further read.

Waring, in his blog, wrote about the video, saying that he is himself convinced the "orbs are not bats or birds because they do not have wings and they never flap."

"They are round and move swiftly in and out of the beacon that shoots out from the top of the Luxor hotel...which is in the form of an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The top of the Egyptian pyramids are said to be able to channel energy into a beam and shoot it somewhere distant...perhaps the orbs are expecting the same thing from this one," he added.

Check out some of the videos of the strange phenomenon below. Click here to watch the rest of the video compilation.

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/Tetrahedron777]

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/Tetrahedron777]

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/Tetrahedron777]