A video purportedly showing four UFOs above the skies of southern France has become a YouTube sensation.

The video, entitled Disturbing UFO activity! , shows the round flashing objects hovering over a forest in Dordogne.

More than 65,000 people have viewed the film since it was uploaded on 5 July.

"I filmed four UFOs over a forest in Dordogne, France. It was during a beautiful sunset. I looked between two houses to discover the nice sky, when I saw these objects," the film's creator wrote.

"I had my Canon 700D in hands, hopefully I could record quickly! I think these objects were there since a long time. This is probably a landing. Indeed, the three objects seem to descend and get behind the trees.

"I couldn't know more about this event, this is a ghost village, only 50 inhabitants in the area. None of them was outside to witness these UFOs with me."