One person has been killed and several injured as protesters clashed with police in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Supporters of opposition leader Kizza Besigye clashed with armed police on 15 February after he was detained by officers just days before the election.

Besigye is one of the main opponents of the country's long-term president Yoweri Museveni in the 18 February vote. Police fired tear gas and bullets at protesters, who has set up barricades and engaged in running battles with officers in the Wandegeya suburb.

One unnamed protester said, "Thirty years, it's time to go, you have to go, we get a new president." He added that Museveni had been in power since before he was born in 1988.

The Ugandan president has been in charge of the country for 30 years, and despite some economic and political successes, many have called him a dictator. His opposition have accused him of rigging elections and using state funds to support his party the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Officials deny all such claims.

Besigye was detained after police asked him and his supporters to use a different route during a march in the Ugandan capital. The opposition leader has been arrested several times, and has stood against Museveni in the past three elections.