A senior Lord's Resistance Army commander who surrendered last week to the US military in the Central African Republic (CAR) will be handed over to the International Criminal Court at The Hague for trial, Ugandan Foreign Minister Okello Oryem said on Wednesday (January 14).

Dominic Ongwen, wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity, is a child recruit who rose through the ranks of the LRA, a group that first took up arms against Uganda in the late 1980s and gained a reputation for massacres and mutilating victims.

"His excellency President Museveni has decided that Dominic Ongwen has to face Justice for the crimes that he committed when he was actively involved in combat operations against the people of Uganda, against the peoples of South Sudan, against the peoples of DRC, against the people of CAR. Dominic Ongwen committed crimes not only in Uganda," said Oryem.