Female Jihadists training camp
Female jihadis are "turned on" by Isis brutality, according to experts

Experts have claimed women are "turned on" by the brutality of Islamic State (Isis), amid a staggering rise in the number of women arrested for terrorism-related offences. The figure jumped 50% in 2015, according to the UK government.

The Home Office data revealed the number of females detained by police rose from 30 to 45 last year, with 12 women being charged for terror-related offences and six females being convicted in 2015.

The statistics also showed the number of terror arrests of under 18s increased from 10 in 2014 to 16 in 2015, with two juveniles being convicted for terrorism-related offences. However, the total number of terror arrests fell from 289 to 280 over the same period.

Also, fewer suspects were released without charge in 2015. The Home Office said 109 suspects were released last year, down from 143 in 2014.

The figures come as the UK security services keep the terrorist threat level at "severe". The warning, which has been in place since August 2014, means an attack is "highly likely" and is the second highest terrorist threat level below "critical".

"I conclude from these numbers that the evidence suggests our intelligence and security community are still doing a good job in the face of an ongoing threat," Professor Anthony Glees, of the University of Buckingham, told IBTimes UK.

"The level of the threat has stabilised, but it's stabilised at 'severe'. It's a bit down, year on year – but these things don't necessarily present themselves in 'year-on-year' terms. We're certainly not entitled to think we can start to put the break on counter-terrorism activity."

The security expert added: "The increase in the number of women is certainly significant; in my opinion this has two causes. first, the brutality of the IS regime has, depressingly, 'turned on' women who have been brainwashed into becoming fanatics; second, if, as seems the case, IS is on the retreat, this merely increases its pull as far as fanatics are concerned.

"I'd expect to see more activity from fanatics, male and female, until IS is dispatched to court."

MoJ rules out 'Alcatraz for jihadis' in UK

British Justice Secretary Michael Gove has ordered a review into how to address Islamist radicalisation in English and Welsh prisons. The report, which will be published in March, is being led by top former Home Office official Ian Acheson.

The former prison governor is reportedly considering recommending that convicted Islamic terrorists are held in a single, secure jail in a bid to combat radicalisation, according to The Guardian.

The alleged proposal has led to comparisons with the US' Alcatraz prison. But a Ministry of Justice spokesperson denied the report when question by IBTimes UK. The spokesperson explained the proposal was not in the review's remit.

"This story is wrong. No plans for a single prison for terrorist prisoners are under discussion or form part of any review," the spokesperson added.

The Home Office had not responded to a request for comment from IBTimes UK at the time of publication.

UPDATE on 14:58 to include MoJ statement