A five-year-old cancer sufferer, who became an internet star after his father dressed up as Spiderman to cheer him up, has died in his sleep.

Jayden Wilson, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in September 2013, passed away at his home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, on Christmas Eve, with his parents by his side.

Jayden was diagnosed with a "grade four" brain tumour - the fastest-growing and most malignant - after undergoing a CT scan following a bump on the head last year.

Writing on the Hope for Jayden Facebook page, his father Mike said: "Late on Christmas Eve, Jayden Died peacefully in his sleep, warm in his bed. He looked so relaxed with a very subtle grin on his face. We believe he waited to be out of hospital to be with his family in the most safest place he knew."

Paying tribute to his son he said: "Jayden had such a happy life. What an incredible 5 years. Jayden to us is the most inspiring person ever, fighting this tumour with all his might.

'We now remember Jayden as that cheeky little chappie, always smiling, playing with his favourite toys, on his scooter, enjoying school, and playing with his friends. We will never forget this little Spartan Warrior."

Mr Wilson said he and his wife told their young daughter Ella of the news on Boxing Day. "We wanted to ensure Ella enjoyed her Christmas Day, and not [for it] to be a sad, emotional one," he said.

Last month, Jayden became an internet star when his father shared a video online of himself dressing up as Spiderman to surprise his son on his fifth birthday.

The touching video, which has been viewed more than eight million times on YouTube, prompted an outpouring of support and donations on the family's Facebook and GoFundMe pages.

Today, as news of his death spread on social media, thousands of well-wishers left messages of sympathy for the family.

Mr Wilson said 2015 would be a year to "give back" by raising money for the Naomi House Children's Hospice in Hampshire, which cared for Jayden, and the charity Children with Cancer.