A dangerous sex attacker, who tried to rape a woman in broad daylight, has been jailed for four years.

Bogdan Drezaliu of Oldham Road, Newton Heath, attacked a jogger in Clayton Vale, as passerbys watched in horror.

The 29-year-old victim was running in the east Manchester beauty spot on 29 July 2014 when she realised she was being stalked. As she changed route, Drezaliu followed her to a picnic area where he tried to grope her. She attempted to run away from him, but tripped and fell.

Drezaliu then climbed on to her back and tore off her shorts and underwear and tried to force her legs apart. A male runner shouted at him that police were on their way, but he continued to try to rape the woman.

A woman who heard the victim's screams then began kicking him. The 21-year-old then calmly pulled up his trousers, said sorry and cycled away from the scene - leaving behind DNA evidence which police later used to convict him.

The victim, who was scratched and bruised during the assault, recounted the ordeal to the Manchester Crown Court, describing her sense of degradation.

"I was just out for a run in a pretty park on a sunny day - I never expected someone to do what he did. He violated me physically, he took my dignity. I felt like time had slowed to a standstill and the rest of the world had disappeared.

"I struggled so much to get away from him that day because I felt like that would mark the end of my life as I knew it if he raped me. I can't explain how grateful I felt when a stranger appeared to help - it restored my faith in people."

Detective Constable Janet Malone also praised the passing woman who came to the victim's aid.

She said: "The statement the victim has given says it far more powerfully than I ever could: her words demonstrate just how much emotional trauma Drezaliu caused that afternoon and how scared he made this woman feel.

"He is clearly a danger to women and I can only hope that seeing him locked up, where he can hurt no-one else, gives this woman some sense of closure as she bravely continues to rebuild her life after what happened.

"Thanks to advanced forensic techniques and DNA profiling, we were able to get a match for Drezaliu. With the witness testimonies, the evidence against him was overwhelming and he had no choice but to admit his terrible actions.

"I too would like to echo the thanks this woman has given to the two members of the public who came to her aid. They didn't turn the other cheek but helped someone in desperate need, particularly the woman walking her dog who acted with incredible bravery to physically kick Drezaliu and forced him off the victim.

"Undoubtedly their actions stopped this man carrying out his heinous intentions and they should be applauded for their courage and for helping to bring to justice a dangerous man."

The defence claimed that a 2011 brain injury suffered in a car accident caused Drezaliu's "sexual disinhibition". He was previously convicted of sexually assaulting a woman in the street in 2013. Police also believe he exposed himself two days after the attempted rape, and sexually assaulted a teenager the day after that.

Drezaliu admitted attempted rape, and an unconnected burglary for which he was on bail at the time.

He was given a four year jail sentence, with licence extended until 2022.