Under new dress code rules by the Gloucestershire police, officers will reportedly have to wear beard nets.

While male officers can either go clean-shaven or wear nets, female police officers will be urged to hold back on heavy cosmetics.

The new regulations have been enforced for health and safety reasons, according to the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

Amongst the new dress code rules, visible tattoos will also need to be covered up while on duty.

"Some of the female police officers have been wearing so much bronzer that they look like the Tango man. But the blokes will just look silly walking around with a big net on their face," an unidentified source told The Times.

Earlier, the Gloucestershire Echo reported on a force spokesman saying: "The policy on beards is that officers can have a beard. As long as it is neat and trimmed. There are exemptions for those with longer beards for religious and cultural reasons.

"There may be some times for health and safety reasons for both the officer and the public, or at a crime scene, where a beard isn't appropriate.

"Clean shaven officers should remain clean shaven, that is they shouldn't be stubbly and if they want to grow a beard they should do so during periods of leave. There shouldn't be designs cut into it.

"The point is to ensure that we look professional and sensible when dealing with the public, and not cause comment based on our appearance."

The Greater Manchester Police joined in the conversation and tweeted: "Big bearded cops; yay or nay? One force apparently looking at making officers wear 'beard nets'."

Social media users reacted with humour.

Meanwhile, beards are reportedly banned in the US Army.

In 2011, a 29-year-old Orthodox Jewish rabbi sued the US Army for refusing to take him on board unless he shaved his beard.

"I was told my application to join the army would only be accepted if I shaved off my beard," said Menachem Stern, reported BBC News.

"This is a tenet of our faith - it's not optional not to have one in our community. Could you imagine any of the great sages - whether Abraham, Isaac or Jacob - clean shaven?"