Manchester police
Candidate stages 90-minute sit-in after being turned down at the Manchester city centre. Wikimedia

Police had to be called when a Manchester woman refused to leave the job interview site after being rejected.

The candidate reportedly staged a 90-minute sit-in when she was turned down at the Manchester city centre on 17 June.

The woman allegedly said: "Go on! Call the police!", reported Manchester Evening News.

The Greater Manchester Police took to Twitter and said: "Odd job 11am.

"Woman who attended job interview staged 90 minute 'sit-in' after being told she wasn't being considered. Left upon our arrival."

The woman reportedly left the site by the time police arrived.

According to reports, the woman was rejected for failing to bring her passport as was stated in the job posting.

Despite failing to succeed at the interview, the woman surely made her mark on social media with some users hailing her persistence.

Others, however thought the woman went a little too far.