Protesters on Buckingham Palace
The protest began at around 4pm on The Queen's Gallery building Fathers Justice / Twitter / @JusticeFathers

Two activists are currently on top of Buckingham Palace after scaling the walls to protest for fathers' rights. The pair scaled the walls of the royal residence at around 4pm today (29 November) waving banners.

They are currently sitting on the roof of The Queen's Gallery building and a number of Metropolitan Police officers are on the scene. The New Fathers 4 Justice and Stop The War On Dads organisations said they were behind the security breach.

They have exhibited a banner which reads: "I am Harry's dad". The Fathers Justice Facebook revealed that two campaigners called Bobby Smith and Martin Matthews were behind the protest.

The group say they are: "Fighting against contact denial, parental alienation, CSA (Child Support Agency), Family Court injustices and Cafcass (who represent children in family courts)." They posted two updates which said: "Great job boys NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!" and ""Fathers rights protesters climb into BUCKINGHAM PALACE IN PROTEST OF FATHERS NOT SEEING THEIR CHILDREN ‪#‎stopthewarondads ‪#‎newfathers4justice".

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said that the incident was being handled by the police and that neither the Queen nor the Duke of Edinburgh were in residence this evening. A Met Police spokesman said: "Two people are on the roof and we are currently speaking to them."

A video of the activists scaling the building has been posted by Fathers Justice. The ease at which they were able to gain access is sure to raise eyebrows, especially as Europe faces increased threat levels from terrorists such as Islamic State (IS). A third protester was said to have attempted to gain access, but failed as security arrived.

The gallery is home to a number of priceless items including portraits of the Queen and currently has a comic art exhibition taking place until February 2016. The building does not form part of the residential residence.

The activists are said to not be affiliated to the infamous 'Fathers 4 Justice' campaign who have staged a number of high-profile protests dressed as superheroes. One protester said to ITV news that the security breach was "easy" and he could "have gone further".