After witnessing the hottest July day at 36.7C, UK is set for another wave of scorching weather with forecasters predicting record-breaking warm days ahead.

The predicted time frame for the second heatwave is the last two weeks of July.

"The year's hottest temperatures usually occur in late July or early August. As pressure models favour more African hot air over Europe pulsing to the UK, the 38.5C record could go," said forecaster Brian Gaze from the Weather Outlook.

The hottest day ever in the UK remains August 2003 when temperatures soared up to 38.5C.

"Temperatures certainly look warm after July 19 in the South," said Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge, reported The Telegraph.

According to the South East Coast Ambulance Service, 999 calls near doubled during the last heatwave.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast for next week shows plenty of sunshine and warm weather but temperatures expected at normal UK summer figures.

As temperatures soar up to 30C starting 8 July, humidity is set to increase with chances of thunderstorms again.

Last week's rising temperatures saw parts of northern England witnessing some of the biggest hail –the size of golf balls.

The golf ball-size hail reportedly tore through windows and car roofs.

"It certainly won't be the 98F (37C) degree highs that we had last week but I think that is a relief to most people," said MeteroGroup forecaster John Lee.

"We could start to see temperatures reaching (84F) 29C though by the end of the week."

UK weather
People enjoy the high temperatures in Soho Square on July 1, 2015 in London, England. Getty Images