Uncharted 4 Dialogue Tree
Uncharted 4's dialogue tree in practice. Sony

At PlayStation Experience last weekend Naughty Dog unveiled a new look at Uncharted 4: A Thief's End that revealed that it will include dialogue options in its cut scenes. Director and writer Neil Druckmann has now confirmed that they will not be widespread.

The cut scene shown at PSX showed us the reunion between protagonist Nathan Drake and his thought-to-be-dead older brother Sam. Discussing this scene while speaking to Greg Miller of Kinda Funny Games, Druckmann said: "There were a few spots in the game where we felt dialogue options would give us something interesting. So with Sam talking to Nate about his adventures, we thought this was cool nod to the fans. Where would Nate start the story? Let's give fans the option so they can start the story wherever they want."

Until now it was never explained to what extent the dialogue options would feature in the game, but Druckmann's comments make it sound like a small part of a massive game. It's this writer's belief that Naughty Dog are dropping dialogue options into Uncharted 4 to test out the system when they use it in a future release. There's no evidence to back that up, it's just a hunch.

We still don't know whether the dialogue options in the game will impact how the story progresses at all, and Druckmann wasn't about to explain.

Druckmann was also asked about this being the last Uncharted game, or at least, by the sound of his answer, this being the last Uncharted game to star Nathan Drake and this cast of characters. "These characters are real to us," said Druckmann. "When we're writing for them you can hear their voices in your head. But it felt like, it's time to wrap it up. We felt like we really came up with something that looks at the three previous games as the start of an arc and this is the finish."

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a PS4 exclusive set for release on 18 March 2016.

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