GTA Online Super Yacht
One of the super yachts in the new update. Rockstar Games

The next free Grand Theft Auto Online update arrives on 15 December, Rockstar has announced in a blog post detailing what will be included with the package. The Executives and Other Criminals update includes new customisable apartments, an "extravagant, fully staffed and upgradable Super Yacht" and a major new feature.

The update will allow players to become "VIPs" and build their own criminal organisations. "VIP's who run their own operation gain access to new co-op jobs, challenges and special abilities in Freemode, as well as having the power to hire and fire other players for their team of bodyguards," reads Rockstar's blog.

"Meanwhile, Bodyguards earn a regular pay check and their own special benefits including RP, GTA$, and stat boosts for working for a VIP's organisation. Organisations can go head to head in Freemode, with new missions that make full use of the latest executive defence options including new armoured vehicle variants, the devastating Turreted Limo and the missile defence systems of the Super Yacht, which also comes with its own suite of supporting vehicle upgrades including the new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter and personal watercraft."

Existing modes, including King of The Castle and Moving Target, will adapt when two organisations compete in those modes. A new mode – Extraction Adversary – tasks one team of bodyguards from finding an executive in their downed jet before a Hit Squad can find an eliminate them.

Other new vehicles and weapons are also included in the update, which arrives on PS4, Xbox One and PC for free next Tuesday, 15 December.

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