Amish party
Screen grab taken from a video of the aftermath of the party which resulted in 70 people being arrested Fox59

Police in Ohio broke up an Amish party where up to 1,000 teenagers were expected to gather in a large field in Hardy Township.

Around 75 arrests were made in a raid that involved around 40 police officers from Ohio and several surrounding counties, where the young people attending the party hailed from.

The authorities are believed to have intervened before the field party reached full capacity, but said they had received phone calls from worried parents who had heard that up to 1,000 Amish youths were expected to join in the gathering, Fox 6 Now reported.

Two people were hospitalised following the gathering, reportedly linked to alcohol consumption, while some of the revellers resisted arrest at the scene.

The arrests come less than two months after a group of Amish men were arrested for driving their buggy drunk while one of them 'surfed' on the roof in Pennsylvania.