Uproov, which recently released an Android version of its suit of blockchain apps for smartphones, has added a function to record all your phone calls in the background and automatically Uproov them to the blockchain.

John Bulich co-founder of Uproov, LedgerAssets Pty, told IBTimes: "This is breakthrough technology as now anyone can have the most secure and immutable recording system on their smartphone. We built it to counter the multitude of organisations that are recording your calls for all sorts of reasons. You can now hold them to account with your own recordings."

Bulich said current standard call recording apps like "call recorder" have 10 million downloads, but as their recordings are vulnerable to editing "I'm not sure how useful they really are. Uproov takes it to a whole new level. It's impossible to change any part of the recording as its 'key' is written into the Blockchain, which is of course immutable. It's basically what would be required if you ever needed to rely on the audio files in a legal dispute."

He said the recording mode is switched to 'on' in the app and from there it just automatically records every call and uproovs it to the blockchain. "We are so excited about this development that we have decided to build a separate app called 'Call Recorder Blockchain'. It is already functional in the android version of Uproov."

The general law for recording calls in most countries is that you need to inform the other party to the call that you are recording it. However in many countries this is not even a requirement, he added.

Bulich also said Uproov has a very advanced KYC photo tool currently in development, "again it will be the most trustworthy photo you can take for KYC purposes on your smartphone. In early stage talks with potential users of this technology. Sorry that's all I can say about it at the moment."