Vermont State Police on Tuesday (7 October) arrested Melissa Robitille and her boyfriend, Walter Richter III, after they were accused of killing the woman's 13-year-old son by adding alcohol in his IV.

Isaac Robitille was born suffering with serious medical conditions, and was kept alive with the help of feeding tubes, caretakers and IVs, police confirmed.

Intravenous therapy (IV) is when liquids are infused directly into veins.

The toxicology report confirmed his blood alcohol content to be 0.146 per cent.

A medical examiner also ruled that alcohol was the leading factor in Isaac's death.

State police shortly charged the couple with homicide after investigating both the toxicology report and the teenager's autopsy.

In other parental negligence news, a Delaware mother was arrested after she sent her four-year-old daughter to the day care with a backpack containing 249 bags of heroin.

State police was called upon after some of the children were seen carrying the suspicious packets of heroin.