The estimated value of the goods stolen during the Hatton Garden jewellery raid has more than doubled to £29m ($31m), a court has heard.

A lawyer for one of the men jailed over the heist, Daniel Jones, said he and four others benefited from £25m on top of around £4m that had already been recovered.

The famous 2015 raid in central London was previously thought to have resulted in around £14m worth of goods being taken.

Earlier this month, a woman came forward to claim she had only just realised she was missing around £7m worth of gold taken from the heist 18 months earlier.

If the gang members involved in the heist, dubbed the Diamond Geezers, do not pay back what they stole, their sentences of between six and seven years each will be extended to a maximum 14 years, Woolwich Crown Court heard today (31 January).

A full confiscation hearing is to take place in January 2018 with a deadline of 30 April that year.

The Hatton Garden raid is already considered the biggest burglary in English history even before the £29m figure emerged.

The six men, aged between 49 and 77, were jailed for a total of 34 years after ransacking 73 boxes in the vault after using a professional drilling machine to cut a hole through the 2m-thick reinforced concrete wall.

Another member of the gang, known only as Basil, who played an "instrumental" role in the raid, remains at large.

Hatton Garden heist
From top left, clockwise: Terry Perkins, John Collins, William Lincoln, Hugh Doyle, Daniel Jones, Carl Wood, Brian Reader Met Police