March is finally here and for fans of the "Half-Life" series, it marks the impending release of the VR-only "Half-Life: Alyx" in less than three weeks from now. Sales of virtual reality headsets continue to surge with the demand of the Valve Index at an all-time high. Consumers are reportedly worried that restocks won't arrive in time before the game launches, but the manufacture assures everyone that new inventory is due to arrive next week.

The VR title's 2019 announcement caught fans of the franchise by surprise as most were expecting a traditional direct sequel. Nevertheless, the developers confirmed that it will be set in the events between the first and second installments. While the game studio confirmed that it will work with other PC-based VR headsets, owners of Valve's first-party product will get the game for free.

Thus, those in the market for a new virtual reality platform to play "Half-Life: Alyx" choose to order the Valve Index instead. The manufacturer confirmed that new stocks will arrive on Monday, and should be available by 10 a.m. PT. However, those who were unable to place their pre-orders would need to wait until the original fulfillment has been completed, according to GameSpot.

Furthermore, the stocks arriving are the Valve Index VR Kit. The bundle includes the VR headset, controllers, and base stations. In order to run "Half-Life: Alyx" fully optimised, owners would likewise need to hook it up to a powerful gaming PC that exceeds the minimum requirements of the software. Meanwhile, individuals who wish to purchase the components separately might need to wait a while before there is enough inventory for standalone items.

Valve Index availability in Japan and Canada
Valve confirms plans to sell the Index VR headset in Japan and Canada, with more countries to come in the future. Photo: Valve

The ongoing COVID-19 health crisis in China has affected several manufacturing businesses in the country. Thus, the tech industry forecasts more delays and stock shortages in the future. As long as a vaccine does not become available soon, the trend will continue and likely disrupt the market. The incoming restocks of the $999 Valve Index will likely sell out quickly. On the other hand, gamers with compatible VR headsets can pre-order the "Half-Life: Alyx" right now on steam for $54, which is down from its original price of $60.