Vampire Diaries season 7

The Vampire Diaries season 7 is doing everything it can to keep fans away from missing Elena and her toxic romance with Damon Salvatore. In the current season, the show has introduced new twists, including the heretics, Lily and Julian's affair and Caroline's surprise pregnancy with Alaric's undead twins who were in Jo's womb.

However, it appears none of these have impressed CW bosses who allotted the show's Thursday time slot to the upcoming Flash and Arrow spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow. On 23 November, CW announced that TVD season 7 and The Originals will air on Friday nights in the US when they will return on 29 January after the mid-season finale.

The popular supernatural thriller premiered in 2009 and has never seen a time slot change. But the recent decision by the CW heads has sparked rumours that the show might get cancelled after the current season.

The viewer rating for the show is also not encouraging, which could be another reason why the network removed it from the TGIT (thanks God its Thursday) slot. TVD fans, meanwhile, are speculating that the show might be sinking towards cancellation.

If the series continues its poor viewership record, then chances are high that CW will pull the plug. The show, which was thriving on the toxic chemistry between Damon and Elena, has no more romantic connections. Fans were hoping to see some flying romance between Stefan and Caroline but a shocking twist has revealed that the latter is the fiance of Alaric and the mother to his twin daughters.

The show is currently focusing on the relationship between Lily an her two sons Damon and Stefan. The trio is currently going through major emotional dilemma as the vampire brothers are against Julian, their mother' boyfriend who has returned from the dead due to the Phoenix stone. The Vampire Diaries season 7 airs every Thursday on the CW network.