A shirtless man, thought to be Welsh, has been filmed riding a car-towed bathtub through a UK town while drinking a can of lager in broad daylight.

He did not seem to mind that his life was in danger as he chugged a Stella Artois, waving to passers by and fellow road users.

The incident, which was captured from a camera held out of the window of the car pulling the bathtub, apparently took place in Tredegar, South Wales.

"Only in Tredegar," reads the somewhat understated comment from uploader Michael Thomas. It is not known if Thomas had a production role.

The bathtub appeared to gather a considerable amount of speed as it was dragged along major roads and through the underpass of a shopping precinct.

At one point the tub nearly clipped a kerb as it rounded a corner but the topless drinker adopted a classic 'move arms to one side' manoeuvre, thereby countering the drift.

Remarkably, only one car horn was blown at the man. It is not known if it was sounded in anger or admiration.

Reaction on Facebook was almost universally positive, save for one Steve Davies, who wrote: "Morons, a danger to the community... Deluded attention seeking idiot, brain fishing for [Facebook] likes."

So far, no further details have emerged regarding the identity of the man or his accomplices.

The 46-second clip has been watched 117,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday (11 July) at 11.31am.