Lady Gaga and a fan fell off the stage during the Thursday night performance as part of her Las Vegas residency show, "Enigma." The painful moment was caught on video.

The singer had a male fan on stage during her show at Park Theater at Park MGM. Videos shot by those in the audience show the unfortunate moment caught from different angles. The spotlight also chose that moment to follow them, so the fiasco was very clear for everyone to see.

The footage shows the excited fan pick Lady Gaga up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. It seems that the man tripped after he made a few short hops and he landed on the side of the stage. He knelt but may have lost his balance so he fell off, bringing the singer with him. She hit the floor first. The fan clearly did not realize that he was very close to the edge of the stage when he made the hops.

A fan picked up gaga and fell off the stage tonight😂

— laurie calderone (@laur_calderone) October 18, 2019

Me: He would never let me down


— Papi Al (@ThePapiAl) October 18, 2019

Lady Gaga seemed to have landed with her back first, and the fan landed on top of her. The audience gasped in surprise as the fan looked in horror at what happened.

However, the 33-year-old "A Star Is Born" singer seemed to recover herself quickly. She composed herself and reportedly continued on with her show. She may have danced the pain away because she killed it with her "Bad Romance" choreography as if the fall never happened.

Lady Gaga fell off the stage and then proceeded to kill the Bad Romance choreography like nothing ever happened. The level of professionalism... far too much!

— Lady Gaga Facts (@LGMonsterFacts) October 18, 2019

"Why did the spotlight follow them I'm crying," one fan wrote, while another said.

"Gaga crashed down first with the fan falling on top of her. She got right back up and continued the show. We hope both her [sic] and the fan are okay," another member of the audience wrote.

It is still unclear though, if Lady Gaga sustained any significant injuries from the fall, or if the fan was hurt too. There is also no word on how the singer reacted to the fan afterward. However, Gaga made sure to soak her body in an ice bath to rejuvenate after the fall.

Lady Gaga shares new pictures taking care of herself after the Enigma show tonight 💞 she goes through this to calm her body pain and make sure she can continue performing.

— Lady Gaga Facts (@LGMonsterFacts) October 18, 2019

The fall comes after Lady Gaga revealed that she is continually nursing a hip injury. According to Breathe Heavy, she also suffers from chronic pain as a result of past trauma.

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