Watching #DAVE and Carol dance to bollywood music has put a smile on my face :)

Posted by Spotted Besharam UK Asianz on Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Australian couple's wedding dance has gone viral after they chose to dance to popular Bollywood song London Thumakda. The video has been viewed more than 900,000 times since it was uploaded to Facebook on 12 March.

The video begins with the bride, Alice Dixon, walking onto the dance floor in her white wedding dress and a blue Indian dupatta (long scarf) draped around her. She then kicks off her shoes and the Bollywood music begins, following which her husband, Michael Falk, joins her on the dancefloor and the newly-wed couple break into a synchronised dance.

The pair are also joined on the floor by their wedding party, presumably the bridesmaids and family, to form their backup dancers in true Bollywood style. The group dances to the popular song from the movie Queen, which stars Bollywood actors Kangana Ranaut and Raj Kumar Yadav.

The video was uploaded by Facebook page 'Spotted Besharam UK Asianz' that posts entertaining videos and has a following of 108,525 people.

Bollywood wedding dance
Alice Dixon and Michael Falk dance to Bollywood song 'London Thumakda' at their wedding reception. Facebook/Spotted Besharam UK Asianz

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