A heart-warming video has emerged online that shows workers at a supermarket in California teaming up to help deliver a baby after the mother suddenly went into labour while shopping at the store.

The unusual incident happened on Tuesday (26 December) evening when the pregnant woman, whose name has not been disclosed, walked into the El Parian market to shop. The owner of the store, Issamar Sepulveda, said that the woman, a regular customer, was getting a soda when she suddenly started screaming.

"I heard her scream, 'Oh my God, I think I'm having my baby!'" Sepulveda said. She also said that several employees soon started calling 911 for help but no one responded.

The owner added that since things were happening so fast, the employees decided to take the matter in their hands and started preparing for the delivery. The CCTV footage, which was later posted on Facebook, shows the woman fall to the ground as the employees rush to help her.

The store's butcher, Alberto Casias, can be seen taking off his burgundy apron and catching the baby boy in the birth video. It also shows Sepulveda cutting the umbilical cord as it was wrapped around the baby's neck. "I thought, "What if the baby dies right here because I'm not doing this right?"' she told The Washington Post.

Posted by Issamar Sepulveda on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The footage shows employees holding the crying eight-pound infant in blankets until emergency responders and paramedics arrived. The mother-son duo was then taken to a hospital.

Sepulveda said she later visited the mother and her baby, named Toby, in the hospital who are doing well. She said she is still overwhelmed by what happened in her little store.

"What a blessing. So many emotions in one. I'm still in shock yet very happy," Sepulveda wrote on her Facebook post and said that she is now collecting donations online to help the mother and her newborn son.

"If anyone wants to donate anything please bring it here to the store I'll be going to the hospital to look for her to let her know we are bringing stuff for her baby boy. Thank you for Sharing! Remember we can all put a little something and together we can make great things happened," she added.

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California woman delivers baby at a Supermarket - Representational image Christopher Furlong/Getty Images