King Charles III has long campaigned for the environment
King Charles III, pictured here in France, had a friendly chat with cyclists while out hiking in Balmoral over the summer holiday. AFP News

A trio of cyclists had a chance encounter with King Charles III when they saw him walking alone on the grounds of his Scottish holiday home over the summer. The group shared a friendly conversation with the monarch which was captured on video.

The GoPro video showed the three cyclists meeting His Majesty on a path on the estate which is home to Balmoral Castle. He is seen wearing a flat cap and khaki coat and using his trusty walking stick.

The 74-year-old replied: "Yes. It is wonderful up here" when asked if he was on his "summer vacation to Balmoral". His Majesty then commented on the wet weather evident in the video saying: "It's typical. The midges are horrendous. It's typical."

The cyclists then pointed out how King Charles III was walking out solo to which he replied with a laugh: "Oh yes but I like my walking. I want to see quite a few things on the way down."

The group then told the monarch that they were staying on the estate later that day in the Gelder Shiel Bothy, which the public can use for free.

King Charles replied: "Oh you are? Oh good. I'm so glad it works all right I think because we renovated it a bit with help... but I'm trying to get more trees to grow around it."

One of the bikers then asked His Majesty if he ever stays in the estate house near the bothy and he said that he used to camp there when he was very young with his father, Prince Philip and his sister, Princess Anne.

He added of the use of the bothy: "We do use it absolutely for a picnic or a barbecue." He then said his goodbyes to the cyclists before continuing his walk and told them: "Take care, don't fall off."

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube by user McTrail Rider, shared a bit more context into the encounter in the caption which read: "Well, it's not every day that you bump into the King! But that's exactly what happened on this bike ride."

The cyclists said they "were riding on Balmoral estate, and there were plenty of Range Rovers and guards with guns" but they "didn't actually expect to see or speak to the King" in the way that they did.

The caption continued: "I'm not a big fan of the Royal family, in fact, I suppose I could be described as anti-establishment. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy meeting King Charles, and it doesn't stop him from being a very nice man to talk to either."

There were "no guards within sight of the camera" but King Charles III "very much had plenty of security nearby and numerous vehicles had scouted the route the King was walking before and after him". The monarch was alone in his hike but he was "still very much protected" as should be expected.

Commentators on YouTube expressed their delight at seeing His Majesty engaged in a friendly conversation with the cyclists. One noted that "without a doubt" he is Queen Elizabeth II's son writing: "What an uplifting little exchange between a King and some of his people. Fetched a tear to my eye."

Another chimed in: "What a genuinely heart-warming video, your encounter with the King shows that he isn't at all how the media portray him."

King Charles III retreated to Balmoral Castle over the summer holiday and is now back to his royal duties. He and Queen Camilla are now in France for a state visit which kicked off with a state banquet in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles on Wednesday, September 20.