A baby-loving shop assistant managed to save a baby in the nick of time by grabbing her across the counter just as the child's mother collapsed with a seizure. "I'm a mom, I'm a grandmom, I love babies," said Rebecca Montano, who works in a store in suburban Denver, Colorado.

She was chatting to the baby's mother and smiling at the child when she suddenly noticed the young mother's eyes glaze over, she told the local FOX-TV station. Montano, who had her hand on the baby's arm, managed to hoist the infant to her just as the mother began to sway.

Montano grasped the woman's arm as well in a bid to hold her up, but she collapsed to the floor. With the baby in one arm, Montano used her cell phone to call 911 with the other. She then handed the baby to another customer so she could check to make sure the mother kept breathing during the "severe" seizure. She stayed on the phone with the 911 dispatcher to follow health instructions until paramedics arrived on the scene.

Montano says the woman returned to the store to thank her. The clerk said she believes in "good karma" and hopes that if something like that ever happened to her, somebody would help her, too. "The baby's fine, the mom's fine, and she just kept telling me thank you," said Montano.