Vikings season 4
Danish actor Alex Høgh Andersen plays the grown up son of King Ragnar in Vikings season 4 History Channel

Fans are eagerly waiting for the return of Vikings season 4, but so far History Channel has not mentioned when the show would air, only revealing that the mid-season premiere will happen sometime later this year. Nonetheless, actor Alex Høgh Andersen has teased "dark times" ahead on the show with an interesting, if not cryptic photo.

The Danish actor shared an on-set image teasing a "bloody mess" going forward. "Set life on @historyvikings tends to be a bloody mess," he captioned the post.

Set life on @historyvikings tends to be a bloody mess.

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Andersen debuted in the mid-season 4 finale as Ivar the Boneless – the grown-up son of Ragnar Lothbrok (Tavis Fimmel). Although his role was brief in the 10th episode, it seems like he would showcase a dangerous side to himself going forward.

According to books, Ivar was the commander of the Great Heathen Army and a well-known Viking leader.

Below are some videos from the sets of the popular series:

Stunt rehearsal @historyvikings

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Kattegat, take one. Thanks for some lovely days @dangerchayse and @rabilsborough ❤️ #brokeback

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The trailer released by History Channel in May showed the disgraced King of Kattegat telling his son Ivar that one day he will be the ruler. "I promise you, my son, that one day the whole world will know and fear Ivar the Boneless," he tells his son.

In the finale episode, the Lothbrok brothers, Ragnar, and Rollo fought a fierce battle but Rollo's command of his sword defeated the ailing and frail Viking Lord who was forced to flee the battleground while asking his son Bjorn and the other Vikings to fall back.

His last command at the Paris Battle did not go down well with the people of Kattegat and as a result, he lost his pride among his fellow Vikings. During the final scenes, the show took a time jump and the disgraced former Viking leader returned to his homeland, but noticing the wounding response from his people, he dared Bjorn to kill him to become the king.

The next chapter of the historical saga will divulge his fate while narrating the journey of his sons in the series ahead.