Virgin Media has unveiled a mobile phone plan that comes bundled with unlimited data at 50Mbps, but there is a catch.

Customers of Virgin TV and broadband will have access to the £25 monthly tariff which includes unlimited minutes, texts and data. If you are not a customer, you cannot get the offer.

Three already offers unlimited data contracts on their pay as you go and pay monthly deals, but personal hotspot is capped at a 30GB, meaning you cannot run your home internet from your mobile.

Virgin Media's deal - which does not have a cap on hotspot - presumably requires a home broadband connection to discourage mobile downloads.

SIM-only contracts are becoming more and more popular as companies such as Apple and Samsung launch their own internal contracts. Both are now pushing their upgrade programs that allow buyers to get a new phone every year when they sign up to pay monthly deal for the device.

Here are some of the best deals to go along with your newly purchased phone (all are 12 month contracts):

Virgin Media - £18 - Unlimited minutes and texts, 40GB data

Despite the unlimited data deal being out of reach for most, Virgin Media still has probably the best pay monthly SIM deal available. For just £18 you can get 40GB of data. Sure, unlimited is tempting, but chances are you will never even get close to 40GB of mobile data use.

Three - £30 - Unlimited minutes, texts and data

If you really need unlimited data, you will need to go to 3. £30 is a steep price, but you will never have to pay more. There is the catch of only having 30GB of wireless hotspot, however for the people this appeals to that won't be an issue. As much YouTube as you want, forever.

Vodafone - £30 - Unlimited minutes and texts, 50GB data

50GB is a lot of data to use in just 30 days. This plan could really appeal to someone who does not want a home broadband connection. It's the most data you can hotspot and at £30, it's not a bad offer. One other feature is 12 months of entertainment through either Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV (you pick one at the start of your subscription).

EE - £35 - Unlimited minutes and texts, 40GB data

There are definitely better value deals available (see above) than EE's max SIM-only plan. What you are really paying for here is coverage. The company is an amalgamation of the T-Mobile and Orange networks, and consequently has the best mobile coverage in the country. If you can afford it, and are regularly outside of the city, then EE could be worth it. You will also get six months of Apple Music included for free and three months of BT Sport.

BT - £72 - Five SIMs with unlimited minutes and texts, 15GB data

This one is a little different, and it is targeted at families. For £72 a month, you can get five SIMs with unlimited minutes, texts and 15GB of data. Buy the SIM alone and it costs £23, not a great offer. The cost equals £14.40 per SIM, and if you have a family of five it makes it pretty easy to manage phone numbers.