A virgin desperate to have her coital desires realised has made her wish to "get it once before I die" clear to all of Bangkok. Thai TV actress Aranya 'Pui' Pathumthong ordered the erection of a giant billboard poster advertising for a husband.

The raunchy advert shows Pathumthong lying on her front in a cleavage-busting photo of her almost fully naked. It is accompanied with the caption: "I want you."

In a bold move, the actress included her contact number on the advert, which also said: "40 and a virgin. Pui Aranya is looking for a husband! Let me get it once before I die." Despite claiming to be 40-years-old, Pathumthong is actually 45-years-old.

Pathumthong took the less conventional step of advertising her availability on a billboard after being left frustrated by her efforts to find a partner through dating agencies and apps. But the B-list actress' hopes of finding the perfect man were dashed by authorities, who ordered the removal of the advert, located in the Lat Phrao District of the bustling capital city.

She told local media that she was serious in her pursuit of a husband via the less traditional means. But the police were not having it and ordered the removal of the poster for public obscenity, as well as fining the advertising agency behind the publicity stunt £10 ($14).

Officials also want to haul Pathumthong in for interrogation – despite the apparent clarity of her appeal. "We also want to question the woman on the poster about her motives," a police spokesman told local media.

In another Thai advertising debacle, Tesco's Thai subsidiary (Tesco Lotus) faced strong backlash after a commercial showing a domestic worker being physically and verbally abused by her employer was aired. The advert showed the employee being slapped in the face after dropping a plateful of crisps on her boss.

After outraged viewers ordered its removal from the airwaves, Tesco issued a statement. The supermarket said: "It was not our intention to cause offence and we'd like to apologise for any upset caused. We'll be removing the scene from the advert going forward."