Elaine Ford
Elaine Ford said she was harassed by her boyfriend after she wanted to finish their short fling Facebook

A vogue model alleged she was held hostage then dragged along the floor after she dumped her jealous boyfriend, a court heard this week.

Elaine Ford, 28, claims her ex-partner Nathan Gray kept her captive in her bedroom after she told him she wanted to end their relationship.

She said she ran to the en suite bathroom for safety, fearing what he might do next to her, the Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

Speaking behind a screen, she told the court: "He came right after me. I told him he was scaring me.

"He tore the handle off the door and was banging on the door. He was not being rational and had completely lost control."

The 32DD model, now signed to top Scottish model agency Superior Model Management, then claims he pushed her against a wall and dragged her along the bedroom floor as she tried to stop him stealing her things.

Elaine Ford
Elaine Ford has been pictured in Vogue and Sunday newspaper magazines Facebook

Following the split in November 2013, she claims he stalked her, broke into her student flat, got into her car and refused to leave and followed her as she went Christmas shopping.

He also allegedly stole her house keys, laptop and handbag and bombarded her with hundreds of phone calls and messages.

The couple met while studying different subjects at Edinburgh University and began a short fling. But she soon broke up with him after she found him going through her private emails and texts.

The biology graduate, who blamed the pressure of his harassment for failing her first-year exams, said: "At first it was OK but he was quite a jealous person – he didn't like me speaking to male and female friends. He tried to get me to stop talking to people he saw as a threat."

"He treated me disgustingly through the last few months of our relationship", she added. "There was extreme kindness followed by extreme abuse. I felt I had a stalker - he just wouldn't leave me alone."

Gray denies abducting Ms Ford by detaining her against her will and stealing her belongings between 27 November and 22 December, 2013.

He also denies engaging in a course of conduct which caused Ms Ford fear and alarm by entering her home uninvited and refusing to leave, repeatedly contacting friends and family and repeatedly following her between 27 November, 2013 and 10 March, 2014.

The trial continues.