The Walking Dead season 5 finale airs this Sunday, 29 March, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see who gets killed (if at all) in the upcoming episode. And Daryl Dixon's name is definitely among the top three characters who could die.

"If Daryl dies, we riot" is a popular mantra among The Walking Dead fans, and it looks like the time for outrage is finally here. The season 5 finale of The Walking Dead is almost here and there's major evidence that Dixon's time is up, states The Huffington Post report.

Why we think it could be Daryl

  • According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and real estate site Curbed Atlanta, Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Dixon, is selling his home in Georgia, Atlanta, US - The Walking Dead show filming location and a place where several Walking Dead actors reside.
  • Reedus is also scheduled to appear on Talking Dead post Sunday's season finale. As fans know, Talking Dead often features actors whose characters have just been killed off on the show. So, an appearance on the talk show can be seen as a death sentence for the character.
  • Furthermore, Dixon has warned fans multiple times to "have their tissues ready."

Plus, the cast and crew have been teasing a big shocking development that will reportedly change the show completely - so maybe a popular and beloved character like Daryl's death could about that big change.

However, these are just theories and rumours, and nothing is confirmed. We can only find out how things unfold when the finale airs tomorrow, Sunday (29 March) on the AMC.