The Walking Dead
Emily Kinney as Beth Greene in The Walking Dead. AMC/Fox

The Walking Dead Season 5 is probably the most intense one by virtue of its gripping plot line and increasingly gory scenes.

In the previous episode, Daryl and Carol spotted a car with the same cross mark as the one used to kidnap Bath in Season 4. The couple decided to follow it in order to rescue Beth, who is trapped inside a horror hospital in Atlanta.

However, uncertainty among fans grew as Daryl returned alone and, when asked by Michonne about his friend, directed 'someone' to reveal him/herself from the bushes.

But according to the Spoiling Dead Fans, the directors of the blockbuster series are teasing fans by playing cleverly with time.

According to the fan website, episode 3 and 4 are happening at the same time and the mystery person under the bushes in Noah.

"Carol is hit by a station wagon with a cross and taken by two of the hospital people. Around the same time, Daryl and Noah end up together," the Spoiling Dead Fans wrote in its blog.

Below is an excerpt from the fan page's post.

"With Carol being gone, Daryl has Noah and brings him back to the church. Noah should be the one to tell Ricks group where this hospital is, leading to the group going to the hospital in the mid[season] finale. So the events of 2, possible 3 episodes are happening at the same time from different perspectives.

We believe 3, 4 and 5 (or 6) happen at once. Episode 4 should have Noah getting out of the hospital with Beth seeing Carol (leaked scene) at the hospital.

Episode 5 (or 6) should be Daryl and Carol in downtown Atlanta with Carol getting hit and taken by two hospital men and Noah ending up with Daryl with Daryl bringing Noah back to the church in episode 3."

The upcoming episode AMC's zombie horror thriller, titled Slabtown, will focus on the bravery of Hershel Greene's once fragile youngest daughter.

There is also speculation that Beth will eventually overpower the creepy hospital crew (another set of survivors apparently more dangerous than the terminus cannibals) with the help from Carol but sadly will get bitten by a zombie.

The first three episodes of AMC's zombie horror thriller focused on Gareth and his group of cannibals who were trapping other survivors in their 'Sanctuary' in order to feast on them.

And they almost managed to dine on Rick Grimes and the group but the heroism of Carol saved the entire group and helped reunite papa Rick with baby Judith.

More will happen when The Walking Dead Season 5 returns with episode 4 "Slabtown," which airs this Sunday in the US and on Monday in the UK.