The Walking Dead Season 5 has shocked its fans in episode 2 Strangers in which Gareth was shown alive with his group from the Terminus.

While fans were wondering how the Termites survived, another shocker hit hard when Gareth and Co were seen feasting on Bob's roasted leg.

The controversial scene holds a similarity with the super hit graphic comics written by Robert Kirkman and sparked rumours that poor Bob may die in the upcoming episode.

In the graphic comics, Dale (Bob from the series) gets bitten by the Walkers and is later kidnapped and eaten by the Cannibals.

Meanwhile, Wetpaint suspects that the latest characters of Gareth and Father Gabriel, introduced in AMC's zombie horror thriller may be working together and that Gabriel might lure Rick and group inside the church so that the Cannibals can feast on them one by one.

"It's an interesting theory. It goes back to the resourcefulness of the character," Andrew Lincoln told the Hollywood Reporter.

"He's probably thought of most, if not all, the angles to negotiate the situation that he now has with Rick. They're in a bit of a grapple with one another, and it's a bit of a cat-and-mouse game. Gareth has considered many avenues, and that's what's going to be exciting about the show: to see what Gareth — and Rick — ultimately decide is the best way to contend with this issue that they both have with one another."

There are other theories suggesting that Rick and Gareth may find a middle way to settle their issues and decide to move forward to Washington DC to find a cure for the zombie apocalypse.

What will happen if Gabriel turns out to be a Cannibal like the Termites? Can Rick, Daryl and the group survive the calculated attacks from Gareth?

All questions will be answered when the Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 3 titled Four Walls and A Roof airs on Sunday, 26 October on AMC.