The Walking Dead Season 5's slogan for the current series is 'Hunt or be hunted' and the second episode proved just that with one of the most cruel scenes the zombie horror series has ever filmed.

Spoilers Alert: This article contains spoilers from episode 2 'Strangers', read at your own risk.

While everyone thought the leader of the termites, Gareth was eaten by the Walkers during the premiere episode, the second episode came in as a huge shock after his return to wreck havoc on Rick Grimes and the group.

Fans truly wish that the group had listened to their leader Rick and returned to the Terminus in order to settle scores with Gareth and group forever.

But now it appears Daryl, Carol and the entire group is in grave danger as the Cannibals are back to hunt and eat them with their first victim being poor Bob.

Bob fights with the underwater Walkers but behaves strangely and does not reveal any wounds he might have got from the zombies.

After a brief kiss from Sasha he heads to the jungle only to get caught by Gareth and group and then comes the goriest scene of AMC's blockbuster zombie drama.

The Cannibals chop one leg of the poor man and barbeque it right in front of him before eating it.

"If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would," the Terminus leader tells Bob while eating a chunk from his roasted leg before him.

The scene also confirms that Season 5 of the post apocalyptic drama is taking a huge chunk from Robert Kirkman's graphic comic book.

It will be interesting to see how far the series can go to shock its fans.

Meanwhile, fans are still in shock after the last few scenes and have expressed how they felt about the Cannibal shocker.