The Walking Dead
The official poster of The Walking Dead Season 5 TheWalkingDeadAMC/facebook

The Walking Dead Season 5 is touted as the best season ever, as each episode narrates the gripping story of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and their group of survivors in the zombie infested post apocalyptic world.

In the current season of AMC's zombie horror thriller, the show creators are cleverly playing with time and place as episodes 4, 5 and 6 are being filmed at the same time.

Currently, Beth Greene and Carol Peletier are trapped inside the creepy hospital in Atlanta.

Herschel Greene's youngest daughter was kidnapped in Season 4 in a car and is now a captive, while an injured Carol was taken by the hospital crew in the previous episode.

Daryl, in the meantime, returns to the church with Noah where the remaining members from his group are nesting.

According to the promo of episode 6 'Consumed', Daryl and Carol will chase the car with a cross mark, which they suspect might have been used to kidnap Beth.

"Let's see who they are. They're a group; let's see what they can do. Right now we got the advantage," the crossbow bearer told Carol.

"Stay close to the buildings and keep quiet. Sooner or later we're going to have to fight through," the Terminus assaulter says to her friend.

The duo then meets Noah, who was lucky enough to escape the ordeals at the horror hospital, and will narrate his and Beth's story.

Wetpaint suspects, Carol may be acting injured in order to enter the hospital and rescue Maggie's sister while Daryl returned to the group in order to plan a full assault.

Meanwhile TWD actor Norman Reedus has dropped a huge hint of a major character death by posting a picture on his Instagram account.

In the picture, Reedus was seen holding a dead body wrapped in a white cloth. Fans are suspecting that it is none other than the naive Beth Greene.

There are rumours that even though the group will try their best to assault the hospital crew in order to rescue the girls, Beth will succumb to injuries inflicted upon him by the zombies.

However, some fans tend to disagree with the picture and argue that the group usually bury their loved ones and burn the bodies of strangers and hope that their favourite character will remain alive to give wings to the romance in the zombie infected land.

How the group will plan the escape route for the girls and is the Hospital crew more sinister than the cannibals of the Terminus?

All questions will be answered when The Walking Dead Season 5 returns with episode 6 "Consumed," which airs this Sunday in the US and on Monday in the UK.