Cast and crew of The Walking Dead are gearing up to start filming season 6 of the popular zombie drama.

According to Times-Herald, The Walking Dead season 6 will begin filming in Senoia, Georgia, US on 4 May.

As production begins for new episodes, there's a strong possibility that the makers might reveal a teaser or show some footage for season 6, during the upcoming 2015 Comic-Con in July.

With regards to casting, two new characters will reportedly debut in season 6.

Master Herald has reported: "One of the new characters named Delvin is a 'twenty-something African-American cynic' that might still believe that even though he has seen some very bad things, people can generally be decent deep down inside.

"The other character is called Tucker and he 'values fairness.' Neither of the two new names show up in the comic books, but they are members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone."

But there's also a chance that Delvin and Tucker are false names for characters to avoid spoilers. Producers of The Walking Dead have been known to use fake character names while casting major roles based on the comics.

Meanwhile, actor Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on the show, recently denied the supposed evidence that his character is going to be killed in the new season.

As previously reported, many Daryl Dixon fans were left devastated after reports surfaced stating that the actor was selling his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Because The Walking Dead is filmed nearby, many fans assumed that Reedus decided to put the house up for sale once he discovered that his character was going to get killed off during season 6 of the series.

However, during a recent interview with the Wrap, Reedus revealed that the house sale reports are completely false. "That's not even my house," Reedus said. "It's a rumor."