The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead's Carol could be in serious danger after the events of season 6 episode 12 titled Not Tomorrow Yet AMC

The Walking Dead has had its share of famous faces make cameos. Anthraxx frontman Scott Ian, American footballer Hines Ward and actor Xander Berkeley have all been "zombified" on the show. But the 6 March episode had one A-lister who most viewers could have definitely missed.

Indeed, Johnny Depp appeared in episode 12 of season 6 titled Not Yet Tomorrow. Although not in person, the Pirates of the Caribbean star featured as one of the undead... well, an undead head!

In the scene where Rick sends his Alexandria crew out to find a decoy head to bring to Negan's camp, they narrow it down to three heads, one of which was based on a cast of Depp.

"One of the other heads, I don't know if I'm going to get in trouble if I say this, was Johnny Depp," the show's executive producer Gregory Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly. "I think we had sculpted an emaciated version of a dummy head for something and we used Johnny Depp's head as a basis just for a clay sculpt," he explained.

He went on to reveal that one of the others, the Gregory head, was made based on a cast of his own noggin. "It's kind of funny because a lot of people ask me how many cameos I do in the show as a walker. The Gregory head is actually a cast of my head. When Xander Berkeley was cast as Gregory, we didn't have enough time to get him to Los Angeles to do a head cast and make a dummy head of him, so I sent photos of him and I said, 'Here's a picture of the actor. Let's see what we have in stock that looks as close to Xander as it can be.' It ended up being a mould of my head. So that head that he picks up is actually a fake head of me!" Nicotero added.