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The Walking Dead's season six episode 11 saw the survivors visit Jesus' hilltop residence AMC/Fox

The survivors in The Walking Dead have found themselves facing a new problem in the wake of the devastating walker attack on Alexandria. With food supplies short and their community downsized after losing several friends, the group are struggling to make ends meet but their encounter with Jesus may have led to a solution in episode Knots Untie.

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 11 (7/10)

It is the morning after the night before when episode 11 of season six opens, with Michonne and Rick still reeling from their night of passion. Well technically, it is just moments since the cliffhanger finale of episode The Next World, which saw their romantic slumber rudely awakened by Jesus, real name Paul, the loner whom Rick and Daryl picked up on their supply run.

Jesus is allowing the very naked Rick and Michonne to regain their modesty when he bumps into Carl on the stairs. When Daryl and Glenn rush in to find out who the intruder is, they can't hide the shock on their faces when they see Richonne, as they have been affectionately dubbed, still hurriedly dressing themselves.

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When Jesus told the new couple they needed to talk in the previous episode, it appears he meant they needed to come to a deal about trading goods between Alexandria and his own group elsewhere. Jesus' proposal is that he can show them around his community and meet with his leader to try and strike a similar deal they already have with other groups nearby. Whereas Alexandria is well stocked up on ammunition, Jesus' posse can provide the crop and livestock they desperately need.

Although we may have been led to believe that there are few other civilians in the surrounding areas of Alexandria, Jesus promises the group that there is a whole world of other survivors out there whom they are yet to encounter. Does this mean Rick and co. are about to make new friends? Going by this episode, the answer is yes, but it will come with plenty more enemies along the way.

As a select group prepare to set off on their visit to Jesus' camp, Rick quickly checks that Carl is fine about his romance with Michonne. Fortunately the teen, who already looks upon Michonne as a mother figure, gives his blessing to the relationship. Richonne are not the only ones finding comfort with each other as Abraham and Rosita are still enjoying their low-key fling. However, in an unexpected turn of events, he realises his affections actually reside with Sasha when he finds out she will no longer patrol with him.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead survivors are now on a mission to take down Negan and his cronies AMC

Although it came as a shock to some viewers, hints towards Richonne's romance had been underlying over the last couple of seasons but the Abraham and Sasha link seems entirely plucked out of thin air. Is this the season of unexpected crushes? Let's hope it doesn't get too ridiculous.

Following a not-so-smooth journey – they rescued some of Jesus' friends from a car crash – Rick, Daryl, Glenn and co. arrive at Jesus' camp which resides on a hilltop. After being welcomed into the sprawling house that serves as the main residence, the survivors are introduced to Gregory, the community's very well-dressed leader who instantly takes a liking to Maggie.

Her efforts to persuade him to trade supplies falls on deaf ears but what happens next certainly gives him food for thought. Outside the house, some hilltop residents return from dropping a batch of supplies to a man named Negan, who accused them of trying to cut down his goods. Asserting his position in the trade, Negan killed some of their residents, took one hostage and sent one back to kill Gregory.

Defending their new associates, Rick and his group unleash a bloody attack on the messenger, who failed in his attempt to kill Gregory, only injuring him. The incident gave the Alexandrians plenty of leverage against Gregory – they will eliminate Negan and his group entirely if the hilltop camp agree to trade half of their goods. With no ammo and a deranged Negan on the loose, it's their only option. And now we have the survivors willingly putting themselves in the hands of a brand new power-obsessed, psychopathic dictator despite their brushes with the Governor and the Terminus cannibals.

Surely it can only end in tears?

The Walking Dead returns with episode 12 on 7 March at 9pm on Fox UK.