The premiere of Fear The Walking Dead season 2 is just over a month away and the series of teasers released by AMC do not hint at a bright and lasting future for lead characters Travis Manawa, Madison Clarke and their extended family.

Showrunner and executive producer of the popular post apocalypse series, Dave Erickson has asked fans to "fasten their seatbelts" – as after a slow start to the first season – they could expect a roller-coaster ride in season 2 of FTWD.

"I think a big theme for season two of 'Fear' is that once we've established that the world is really gone, once we've established that there's no turning back, what kind of person will each of the characters become? Will they be able to surrender to it? Will they be devoured and consumed by the apocalypse or will they change their base nature? Can they really continue to fight against it and try to hold onto their humanity," he said in a statement.

He also hinted that there will be a transformation in Cliff Curtis' character and elements of "madness" will be seen in Travis, Daniel Salazar and Madison's drug addict son Nick.

While Nick and Daniel's madness is no surprise as they have already showed the other side of their character in season 1, "good man" Travis turning badass will be interesting for fans to see. Plus, apart from fighting zombies, he has a great challenge to deal with his son Chris's grief for his mother. Travis was forced to kill her in the season 1 finale, as she was had gotten infected after a zombie bit her.

"That was something we began in season one, specifically with Travis, and I think we'll see it continue in season two. One of the things that both Liza and Madison said about Travis was if he had to put either one of them down, it would break him. I think one of the interesting questions for this season is, did that act make him a broken man or will he be able to hold it together, not just for himself but for Chris, specifically, who's just lost his mother?"Erickson said.

The showrunner also warned that the upcoming season will be brutal and the teasers of the series are corroborating with his statements. Fans can see the lead characters taking refuge in the sea by boarding mysterious businessman Strand's yacht Abigail, but there were scenes where Travis and other crew members were seen fighting with floating zombies.

"It's a fragile but violent rebirth for each of the characters going into season two and I think you'll see elements of that 'madness' in a number of characters – Nick, Travis, Daniel," he added.

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 will premiere on AMC on 10 April at 9.30pm ET in the US, (11 April 2am GMT). There will be repeat telecast later that evening at 9pm GMT exclusively for BT viewers.