Walmart’s Asda recalls Disney treats over contamination fears
Asda has offered to give a full refund on these products Reuters

Asda has recalled a couple of Disney food products aimed at children over contamination fears. Both, Trading Standards and the Food Agency have issued a warning that says these products could be contaminated.

The products that have been recalled are by brand Annabel Karmel and are manufactured by Lightbody Ventures, a Glasgow-headquartered company, which is also a licensed distributor of products that include celebration cakes and other sweet treats.

The Walmart subsidiary posted a product recall notice of the same on its Asda website on 31 March. The recalled products include:

Annabel Karmel/Disney Tasty Thai Mini Bakes 20g Price 50p (€0.62, $0.71) (Bar Code 506025034198 Batch code L16034, BB date 03/11/2016)

Annabel Karmel/Disney Kool Korma Mini Bakes 20g Price 50p (Bar Code 506025034201 Batch code L16034, BB date 03/11/2016)

Annabel Karmel/Disney Strawberry & Vanilla Mini Biscotti 4 x 20g Price £1.00 (Bar Code 503076502476 Batch code L16027, BB date 27/10/2016)

The Asda website said, "Lightbody Ventures Ltd have recalled the above products as a precautionary measure due to a potential contamination. No other Lightbody Ventures Ltd, Annabel Karmel branded or Disney branded products are affected."

Apologising for the inconvenience caused, Asda said, "If you have purchased any of the above products from Asda, please bring it back to your nearest store where you will be given a full refund. You do not need your receipt."

This follows the recall of snacks made by Baketime by German discounter, Aldi, earlier this week. Aldi had withdrawn the biscuits because they were made in a "dirty" factory and there were chances of them being contaminated by pests. This had affected Aldi's products including, Cheese Thins and Cheese Bakes, cheese, salt and vinegar and smoky bacon flavoured Oddbite packs and Ginger Nuts biscuits.