The 100 season 3 episode 13
Marcus Kane arrives in Polis in The 100 season 3 episode 13 pictures The CW

Casualties and tensions are rising as The 100 season 3 is brutally inching towards its two-hour finale. In episode 13 titled Join or Die, Marcus Kane will be tortured by the AI infected Sky People to give up Clarke Giffin and Bellamy Blake's location.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

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In the previous episode, Bellamy alongside Clarke, Raven, Octavia, Monty and Sinclair returned to a vacant Arkadia, where they were attacked by Emerson and the last of the Mountain Men. Although Clarke managed to save her Sky crew, Sinclair was killed by one of the Mountain crew.

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg previews episode 13 in a promo video. The video opens with Kane arriving in Polis, which is taken over by Alie. According to Rothenberg, the episode will be very different. He shared: "Essentially Polis has fallen to Alie, and we see what that means, because Alie doesn't care about human body... she doesn't care about our physical form. All she cares is about our minds... she is trying to upload our consciousness to her City of Light where we can live forever, pain-free. Whatever it takes to get us there, she is willing to do, and we see just how dark that gets in Polis."

The promo shows Jaha forcing Kane to take the chip but he refuses. Alie tells Jaha: " We need him [Kane]. He can help us find Clarke."

Another promo for the episode teases a grim fate for Kane, while also showing flashbacks to the Ark days, where we see Pike teaching survival lessons to the 100 teens. Pike questions what is the key to survival on Earth, to which Octavia responds: "Not dying?"

Pike explains the key to survival is to keep fighting and adds: "The minute you give up you are dead." The promo then moves back to present where Clarke tells Bellamy: "We need each other!" The video shows Kane being tortured by Abby, as she asks: "Tell us where Clarke and others are hiding?" But Kane says: "I can't do that."

Who will die next? Watch The 100 season 3 episode 13 on 28 April at 9pm EST to find out.