Modern policing is a multi-faceted enterprise: forces have to keep the streets safe, work with intelligence services to defeat terrorism and engage with local communities to keep them on side.

Then, of course, there's also the small matter of producing cute videos of police puppies to keep the internet happy.

Queensland Police Department has answered the latter call with an adorable clip of seven new recruits – five male and two female tiny German Shepherds.

The force is asking members of the public to help name the canines, who may grow up to either detect either drugs or explosives, or fulfil general tasks such as crowd control.

There's one condition though: their names must begin with the letter 'G'. We've asked around the office at IBTimes UK and the best we can come up with is "Gavin". Can you do any better?

A statement from Queensland Police releases yesterday (22 June) read: "Today the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Mark Ryan and Commissioner Ian Stewart launched an opportunity to name the puppies in our latest litter.

"The naming convention dictates that this litter will have names that begin with the letter 'G'.

"There are seven puppies in the litter; two male and five female that turned six weeks old today. We're asking Queenslanders to get creative and put forward their best 'G' name suggestions.

"Once old enough, the puppies will undergo training in the hopes of becoming general purpose or drug detection dogs."

Queensland Police Force’s Adorable New Recruits are of The Fluffy Variety