Bachelorette season 12 returns with a fresh episode on 6 June. Week 3 continues with one-on-one yoga dates, dancing on the streets and some sex talk during group dates. As the suitors put up their best show to win bachelorette JoJo Fletcher's heart, house villain Chad Johnson gets bloody and aggressive with a fellow contestant.

Click here to watch Bachelorette season 12 episode 3 live online on the official website. The episode will be aired on ABC on 6 June at 8/7pm CT in the US.

The Monday episode is also the last one in the Bachelor mansion, before the contestants begin their travel on episode 4 that airs in the same week on 7 June. As the dates continue in the third week, JoJo is reported to pick Chase McNary for her first one-on-one on Monday.

Things will get intense when the duo sweat it out with yoga, and JoJo will realise newer details about Chase like his tattoo. "Chase is very chiselled," JoJo says in the trailer for the episode adding, "There is like an attraction there, for sure."

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For one-on-one date 2, JoJo goes swing dancing with musician James Taylor. Although James isn't a pro at dancing, he ends up winning the date rose at the end. However, Reality Steve reports that James might not have been able to develop as strong a connection as that of other contenders with 25-year-old JoJo.

The real drama begins when 12 of JoJo's suitors on the reality show land up on a group date with her, with each of them having to reveal intimate stories of their past relationships. As JoJo kick-starts the round with a story from her past about losing her virginity and buying sex toys, the bachelors follow suit.

The group date is reported to end with a bang as Chad, who is already known for his violent streak, gets even more aggressive, this time with fellow contender Evan Bass. Despite his antics, the episode ends with JoJo saving him for the week as she sends home three other suitors.

To find out who gets eliminated from episode 3, watch Bachelorette on ABC on 6 and 7 June.