ballers episode 2
Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore in HBO's new series Ballers HBO

Ballers returns with an all new episode tonight, 28 June at 10pm on HBO.

Episode 2 is titled, Raise Up, where Spencer counsels Vernon to learn from his mistakes.

You can watch episode 2 via live stream on HBO GO. You can also watch the episode online here.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

A cash-strapped Spencer struggles to close a deal when Vernon's best friend, Reggie (London Brown), refuses to step aside, while Jason (Troy Garity) works hard to renegotiate for his client. On his first day of workouts, Ricky finds that not all his new teammates are friendly. At his new job, Charles finds it hard to keep his mind off the game. At a brunch to talk business, Spencer counsels Vernon to learn from his mistakes.

Ballers, which premiered on 21 June, was reportedly one of the network's most watched premiere (comedy show), second only to Silicon Valley.

The show, which is developed by Entourage creator Steve Levinson, follows the story of retired footballers as they cope with life after football. The series stars an ensemble of characters, including Dwayne Johnson who plays Spencer Strasmore, a former athlete.

Omar Benson Miller, the actor who plays Charles Greane spoke about HBO's show in a new interview.

Miller told The Source, "We're dealing with football, fun, The Rock, and there's a whole lot of positives to this. All those headlines you see all the time like on TMZ , this show fictionalizes the stories behind it. Hopefully it helps you relate to and identify some of the character types that people idolize so much in society."

The actor also explained that he got involved with the show because of basketball and Dwayne Johnson's involvement.

Miller said, "I got a phone call from Stephen Levinson one of the producers on 'Entourage' and several other films. He told me there was something that he wanted me to come check out. It was very interesting because I played basketball for a long time ... and he had me in mind for this super top secret project that he was doing for HBO."

"They didn't even want to announce that Dwayne was attached to it. The idea of sports plus Miami, the allure of that, how could you not, " he added.