A video, which shows a bear inside a garage in the US state of Colorado, has gone viral. In the footage, the uninvited guest can be seen roaming in the garage.

Denielle Backstrom was followed by the black bear on Tuesday (20 June). Backstrom said she first heard the heavy breathing of the animal and when she turned around, it was standing right next to her, local ABC affiliate KRDO-TV reported.

"I hear this loud breathings sound. I kind of opened my door all the way like this, and the bear was right there," she added.

"Freaking bear get out of my garage," Backstrom can be heard saying this to the 400 pounds mammal in the video.

"Shoo bear, shoo! I can't go because there is a bear behind me, come on, go bear, move," the woman was heard saying on the video. She also honked her car and moved it back and forth to scare the furry intruder but it barely noticed the movement and continued to enjoy in the premises.

The footage shows the black bear climbing onto her car and sniffing it. However, it eventually ran away.

Backstrom called Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to report the incident. She also asked the wildlife officials to set a trap to catch the animal because her children play in the garage and around the home.

CPW has said they would euthanize the bear once they catch it.

"It's because this bear has demonstrated it doesn't have a fear of people," area wildlife manager for CPW, Frank McGee said and added that the animal could be the same which was spotted recently having a tub of ice-cream from another person's garage in the same area.

"This bear has clearly learned that people can provide food and that garages are a place that it can find food. Unfortunately when that happens it can make the situation dangerous," McGee said.

Black bear
The woman, Denielle Backstrom, was followed by a black bear when she pulled into her garage Videograb YouTube