Jimmy McGill tampering with Chuck's legal documents will cause a ripple effect and things will turn topsy-turvy in Better Call Saul season 2 episode 9. Titled, Nailed, the episode will air on 11 April at 10pm EST on AMC network.

The synopsis of the episode reads as follows:

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In the previous episode, Kim Wexler handed in her resignation to HMM to start her own private practice with Jimmy. However, she is banking heavily on retaining her client at Mesa Verde, the bank that Kim nabbed for HHM. But Howard, armed with Chuck's charming words, snatched away Kim's client, and Jimmy is someone, who will not remain silent over the issue.

Moreover, Chuck's condition worsens, and Jimmy comes to help his ailing brother, but when he spots a bunch of legal documents of Mesa Verde, he tampers with the documents, changing the numbers and letters. This sudden change in Jimmy is a slight nod to the person he is supposed to become, Saul Goodman.

The promo for the upcoming episode shows Jimmy's forgery coming to fore, as Chuck tells Jimmy, "I guess it's about time to clear the air once and for all." Kim who is also present there asks, " Clear the air about what?"

Following this, Chuck is seen all dressed for office, as his capabilities will be questioned by Howard Hamlin. Chuck says, "We want to sent the right message don't we?" as Howard replies, " I am just worried about your comfort." But Chuck hits back and says, "I find victory laps very comforting."

After Jimmy's stunt, his relationship with Kim will be heavily affected. The promo shows Kim and Jimmy in bed as he asks her, "You want to talk about this?" To which Kim replies, "Not now, not ever." The promo ends with Jimmy showing up at the copier place and telling the cashier, "Remember me?"

So, will Jimmy ask for Mike's help to take care of this situation? If he does, fans will well be reminded of their Breaking Bad ways. To know more, watch the pre-finale episode of Better Call Saul on 11 April on AMC.