Boston Dynamics — the robotics startup Alphabet sold to SoftBank — has showcased the enhanced capabilities of its famous humanoid Atlas robot in a new video.

The robot, which is about 5ft tall and 75kg heavy, is seen jumping from one platform to another at different heights. For a machine, which carries the entire weight of its upper body on two legs, the task looks insanely complex. But not to Atlas. It can perform a high jump, can turn around while jumping, and even perform impressive backflips.

As you can see, after completing the assigned set of jumps, Atlas ended the show with a super backflip to get on the floor from the last platform. It retained balance perfectly and celebrated mission success by raising its arms a little. Previously, we have seen Atlas walking around, picking up boxes, and getting tripped with hockey sticks.

According to Boston Dynamics, Atlas runs on battery power and has been built from 3D-printed parts. The humanoid bot can also carry around as much as 11kg of weight.

The latest video from the company also features some Atlas bloopers. Watch till the end to see the robot tumbling while attempting backflips and trying to land on its feet. Just a few days back, the company showcased its headless robot dog SpotMini in a video that went viral on the internet.