When the machine uprising begins, this Welsh terrier will be leading the charge. After being introduced to Boston Dynamics' robo-dog, nicknamed spot, real dog Cosmo took it upon himself to remind us that animals come before machines in nature's pecking order.

Spot is the smaller sibling of Big Dog, a four-legged robot initially designed for the US military for use as a robotic packhorse, before being ditched due to the fact that its highly conspicuous whirring would scupper any chance of a stealthy infiltration. Spot is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, with sensors in its "head" that help it negotiate rough terrain.

What Cosmo lacks in high-tech circuitry, however, he makes up for in fighting spirit. After a tense two-minute standoff, the dog – which actually belongs to Android co-founder Andy Rubin – brings the mechanical mutt to its knees.

We still wouldn't take our chances against Atlas, though.