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In the upcoming episode of Deadliest Catch season 12 titled No Good Deed, rookie Captain Josh Harris of the vessel Cornelia Marie steps into the shoes of his father — late Captain Phil Harris — only to find himself in trouble in the wild Bering Sea. Also, veteran Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski of vessel Cape Caution in an attempt to rescue rookie Captain Harris risks his "biggest lead in history".

The previous episode saw Captain Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern and Sagas' rookie Captain Jake Anderson at loggerheads after the latter finds his plans to drop pods at a specific location following a tip-off had been closely monitored by his mentor. The two are vying to net more grabs than the other in the wild Bering Sea.

Warning: Potential spoiler

According to TV Muse: "Wild Bill risks his biggest lead in history to bail Josh Harris out of trouble. 23-year-old Sean Dwyer finds out if he's got what it takes. Veteran skipper Johnathan Hillstrand leans on his crew and a little tip from a friend to turn his season around."

The promo video of the episode shows Harris making a call to Bill via the ship-to-shore radio and asking him for his exact coordinates. Bill replies: "You know what this is getting really thin buddy. I told you I was at 20 and 0.6."

"If you plug mine in, I plug yours in and we drove in each other and bump anchors. I cannot believe you have not done a *** d**n thing to come pick these up.... What else has been handed to that little b*****d. Somebody needs to slap him in the face," Bill says.

To know what becomes of Harris and Bill, fans will have to watch the episode.

Deadliest Catch season 12 episode 3 titled No Good Deed airs on 5 April at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. You can watch the episode live by click here (only in the US).

Watch the trailer below:

Sneak Peek: Josh Avoids Wild Bill

Josh, you DO NOT want to piss Wild Bill off. #DeadliestCatch

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