IBF women's bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges continues to thrill her fans with yet another racy moment. The Australian boxer flashed her breasts at a reporter when asked to explain her sexy weigh-in outfit prior to her win over compatriot Shannon O'Connell.

Bridges has made a tradition out of stripping down to sexy lingerie for her pre-fight weigh-ins. The bantamweight boxer has received mixed reactions with most of her fans thrilled at her actions, but some fellow fighters have not appreciated her actions.

The 36-year-old was labelled a "skanky stripper" by O'Connell prior to their fight - but Bridges ignored it and went on to record a stunning stoppage win over her opponent. Prior to her bout, she again stripped down to her lingerie, and this time there was an added element to her weigh-in.

Bridges launched her OnlyFans page recently, and was promoting it during the build up to her fight on Dec. 10. At the time, she was asked by a reporter about her weigh-in outfit, and she left him speechless by immediately lifting up her top to flash him her breasts.

"Well what do you mean explain my weigh-in outfit?" she asked when asked to explain her sexy lingerie outfit. The reporter replied saying, "what is it?."

Before he could return the microphone to Bridges, she lifted up her shirt: "It's like lace, has my handle, subscribe now. I don't know, what is it? It's sexy, isn't it?. It's more pretty stripper not so much skanky stripper, you know what I mean?"

Initially, Bridges gained popularity for her racy weigh-in outfits, but the Aussie boxer has backed that up with her feisty nature inside the squared circle. She has now racked up consecutive wins to defend her IBF bantamweight title, and used her growing reputation to continue to thrill her fans with racy content.

She shared the clip of her "flashing" interview on her Instagram page before directing her fans to the uncensored version on her OnlyFans account. Bridges was praised for her actions with many calling her "brave" for being herself without cowering to outside pressure.

One fan said, quoted by the The Sun: "Love a woman that's not shy, she is bold and is her natural self."

While another added: "Marketing 101 cause I tell you what I definitely hit the bio after this".

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Ebanie Bridges defender her IBF bantamweight title against Shannon O'Connell in Leeds on December 10. Richard Heathcote/Getty Images